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Netflix Snags The Russo Brothers' for a Magic: The Gathering Animated Series

Magic: The Gathering
Zeifer | June 4, 2019 Television

Netflix has announced that Joe and Anthony Russo, the duo behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Civil War, and the outstanding Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, will be bringing to life one of the worlds most popular and ever-collecting card games Magic: The Gathering to life in an animated series.

The show is set to be following the adventures of the Planeswalkers; the legendary spellcasting heroes that traverse the Magic multiple planes (hence, their names as Planeswalkers), summoning vast creatures and powers as they do battle not just with themselves, but with other forces at work. This is as much detail as what's been given so far, but if you take a look at the released teaser art, it depicts Chandra Nalaar, a fire-based spellcaster from Kaladesh. Within the realm of the card game, she's become one of the more recognized and popular heroes, so it is plausible that she may be the focus of the show.

Magic: The Gathering for Netflix
Magic: The Gathering for Netflix
Magic: The Gathering for Netflix

It's interesting that it's taken them this long to do any kind of TV series. Stemming from the card game, there have been comics, games, and novels based upon the lore that has been developed around this phenomenon. I've played the card game on and off, and it can be both simple and extremely complex, but always fun. I haven't read any of the comics or novels, but from what I hear the lore deep within them is engaging. I have a friend who really loves Magic: The Gathering, so he's my go-to source not only for rules of the games, but also to see / hear just what this multiverse of Planeswalkers have been going through. Recently, a new expansion came out, called War of the Spark, where the lore behind it is where one Dragon Planeswalker is seeking to conquer all realms, and all the rest of the Planeswalkers must unite or perish.

I'm really looking forward to this. I enjoyed what the Russo Bros. brought to the MCU, so to be the first ones to tackle such a first project for Magic: The Gathering is exciting!