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Borderlands 3 - Mayhem is Coming Sept 13th!

Zeifer | April 3, 2019 Video Games

The full reveal trailer for Borderlands 3 is out, and... well, it's almost the same as the teaser trailer. Don't get me wrong; it's really cool looking! I mean, check it out!


I really liked Borderlands and Borderlands 2. The Pre-Sequel was just... ok. But I really think they hit their stride with the BL2 with the run-n-gun loot. What I'm particularly excited for that you can see in this trailer is that there's a good variety of enemies, weapons, and locations! (Multiple worlds baby!!). I feel that they can really expand the lore of the Borderlands game with this one, and they really should!

The game is being released on Sept. 13th, 2019 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC's... Epic Games Store only (until April 2020, then it'll be made available for other PC Stores like Steam). There's 4 different versions of the game you can already pre-order: Standard, Deluxe, SUPER Deluxe, and Diamond Loot Chest!

I really don't know what platform I'm going to get this game on. On one hand, shooters on my console are a hit / miss for me, because the aiming and controls are just ok. I've been re-playing Borderlands 2, Doom, and Wolfenstein again on the PS4 and I'm just having a hard time getting the same successful precision as what I do when I'm on the PC with a mouse and keyboard. So, I'm leaning to wanting to have this for the PC, but I also don't really like how Epic Games is running their store, locking away newly released games by throwing money at the production studios to buy exclusivity rights for X amount of time. (Plus, their store is missing a lot of features). I also don't know if Epic Games' games even have achievements like what Steam or GoG has (I want my achievements!). But to wait until April 2020 to have the option to buy the game on PC that just makes me sad.

What do you think about the official Reveal trailer, and being able to go 'bang-bang' in the world of Borderlands again? How do you feel about what's going on with the PC store war? Or are you just going to avoid it all and stick with the console of your choice?