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Stranger Things Season 3 Frist Trailer drops & I'm Very Excited!

Zeifer | March 20, 2019 Television

So far this week there's been more and more awesome news coming out, but this one was the first that got me "out-of-my-seat" excited!

Netflix just dropped their Stranger Things: Season 3 trailer, and there's SO MUCH packed in there! You've got a bit of comedy. You've got the drama. You've got the super-powers. And you've got on hell of a new monster!

First, watch the trailer, and then we'll dive in:

Ok! So... the one thing I definitely noticed is that there's some G-MAN / suit hunting... something. My guess is that he's hunting Eleven. There's also going to be some growing pains for the town. It looks like it's going to be a 'new mall vs. downtown carnival' thing. But why not be on board with the mall? Maybe it can be because of where it's been built?! I'm thinking this because of the action seen in the mall feels very upside-down-y.

We also get a very small glimpse of the kids internal group struggle, of them growing up and moving on, while some may want to still hang on to 'hanging out in the basement playing games'. I think Season 3 is jumping ahead a few years, to keep up with the IRL kids growing up, so if they're at that awkward age, then this makes sense.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to this! July 4th cannot come soon enough!