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Some Great Martial Arts Coming in 'Master Z: Ip Man Legacy'

Zeifer | March 7, 2019 Movies

The first official trailer for the upcoming Martial Arts movie 'Master Z: Ip Man Legacy' is here and OMG OMG OMG!

Ok first off, I'm a huge sucker for good Martial Arts movies. I still remember as a kid watching the original Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies on cable! But back in 2008, a movie called Ip Man was released and it was so good! I then learned that it was based upon the real-life of the man called by the same name, and that he was the one who initially trained a young Bruce Lee! The made 2 other sequels - Ip Man 2 and Ip Man 3, both really good, though not quite as good as the first IMO.

This new film: Master Z: Ip Man Legacy' is a branching off movie set within the same universe. Following his defeat by Master Ip, Cheung Tin Chi (Max Zhang) tries to make a life with his son in Hong Kong, waiting tables at a bar, away from Martial Arts. But it doesn't take long before foreigners, money, and triads draw him back into the fight.

Within the original Ip Man trilogy, Max Zhang played the same character. After watching the trailer I do remember him from the movies, but I remember him being a lot more hot-headed than what they show here in the trailer. Perhaps having a son of his own, and now that he's older has tempered him? It'll be interesting to see.

This film is also starring Michelle Yeoh (Star Trek: Discovery) and Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy; Avengers: Infinity War). While I don't think I've seen anything that Michelle Yeoh has been in, Dave Bautista is someone I've seen on screen many times. He's also one of the producers of this movie too! Within the trailer you get to see some of their action sequences, and all of the action looks really, really good!

I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. I missed the original trilogy coming out in theaters, but I'll definitely have this movie on my calendar for the April 12th release!