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Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina as an Animated Story!

Art by Hunter Bonyun (@deerlordhunter)
Zeifer | March 4, 2019 TableTop Games

OMG! Guys! The people behind Critical Role are planning on making an animated special, called "The Legend of Vox Machina"! This is awesome news, even if you're not particularly a fan of Critical Role itself. I say this, being a huge fan of the show & of the people behind these wonderful characters, because they are once again showing just how much potential in the ability to tell great custom fantasy stories using vehicles like Dungeons & Dragons. Ultimately, their success can help spread to other online games, and could help spearhead a full-fledged animated series of Dungeons & Dragons!

But back to the news: The folks behind Critical Role are partnering with some really awesome talent in the industry, and their teaser that they've done announcing this project just blows me away. There's a lot of information on the official site, and I suggest that you go and read it over there. Suffice to say, they are running a Kickstarter Campaign to get this funded (because Hollywood didn't want to risk their money), and while their goal was only $750,000, at the time of writing this, they're now at... $2,850,000! That is just... I mean... wow! That there just shows how many people are wanting to see this become a reality!

Here's the announcement video. Watch... drool... and well, get hyped!